Imitating finger-style

Often i try to imitate finger-style, when i play or compose something for guitar. This self-composed piece of music uses a flamenco-technique, which presents one tremolo-voice against a melody-voice. The melody-voice, which i have used, is build up on the fifth intervall. Therefore you have to overstretch often the left-hand to reach uncommon chords. I … Continue reading Imitating finger-style


  A few days ago     i visited the local opera. I listened to “Tosca” written by Giacomo Puccini. During the first act I were in danger to fall to sleep, because the story starts confusing and as a listener you have to be very attentive to follow. But at the end of the first … Continue reading Tosca

Rebirth of Giallo

Two years ago a friend and colleague asked me to write a soundtrack for his upcoming movie, which he produced just with the little help of a few friends. Meanwhile he has really finished a lot of scenes and is presenting them on youtube. The preview promises the rebirth of a genre called “giallo”, which … Continue reading Rebirth of Giallo