Review: The Boss DR-5, a Digitakt killer?

2 thoughts on “Review: The Boss DR-5, a Digitakt killer?”

  1. Interesting review and somehow I get the feeling that you may have waisted your money on the Digitakt despite it being more up to date with the better keyboard sounds it has in it. Personally for me nether of these machines I would use to write or create music with and I can remember many moons ago when my wife first brought me a Yamaha Keyboard that came with accompaniments in it and not knowing anything about how to play a keyboard when she brought it for me, and hearing all the accompaniments sound like a band playing I thought at the time this would be useful for writing music with, especially with the bass lines and rhythms it had in it. Even the next keyboard I brought had accompaniments and that gave me some more newer ideas as it was different.

    But after learning how to play the keyboard without any accompaniments at all, I soon discovered that the accompaniments were in fact totally useless and for me and the art of composition was to play your own thing and the only thing I ever found useful out of the keyboards I had with accompaniments was the drums on their own, to use like a drum machine to give me something to play my keyboards and guitar around. It was also at that point that I stopped buying keyboards with accompaniments on them or even speakers in them and brought a DX7 and Digital Piano after those first couple of toys I had.

    You can even buy well expensive keyboards that come with an array of accompaniments and arrangers such as the Yamaha Tyros Keyboards which were well expensive years ago and cost a good few grand. But I always seen those things like Jukeboxes and not keyboards at all. They can give you ideas I suppose but I would sooner use my own ideas and if I get stuck it’s easy enough to create something by mixing the chords around that you will find in other peoples songs, and that to me is how I like to work with music, plus use other influences. Those are things I think these machines are not capable of giving you. They are perhaps too much on the electronic side of things to be really that useful for my world of music.

    1. I would never use an arranger-keyboard as it always sounds the same and you have no freedom to arrange the song yourself. Though I experiment with these toys, the DR-5 and the Digitakt, I still work the same way I always did and notate everything. It could happen that I start with notation and just copy my pre-arranged song to thge Digitakt to benefit from its unique sound, or the other way round that I play around with the Digitakt and get an idea, develop it further with notation and go back to the Digitakt.

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