Albums from 2018

8 thoughts on “Albums from 2018”

  1. Always best to keep up to date with what others are doing and all music is very inspiring when it comes to doing it yourself I feel. A lot of this lot I have never of before and no doubt the new Napier’s Bones was the best one yet. I have just been listening to the new Thrailkill album and it’s very good and will have to get it in the new year.

    1. I listened to many different styles and there are still bands, which have surprised me with unusual style-mixes and sounds. I guess you would not like many of these albums, but I recommend the TTNG “Animals acoustic” to you.

      1. I gave it a blast this morning Dirk and certainly would not say it was prog rock.and was more like alternative and Indie music and the chap has a very familiar popular voice for that sort of the material. I think guitar playing was quite good but overall every song seemed to play the same melodies on the guitar and it was too much of the same thing for my liking. It even reminded me a bit like Ingvar from SC only I think he is much more versatile than what TTNG are.

  2. Thanks for the write-up on your musical discoveries in the last year. Always inspiring to read about and listen to new music. I realize that in the last year I also came across quite a lot of new music either on soundcloud, youtube, spotify, twitter, facebook and even radio. I tried to find out artist and tracknames for further but didn’t check if these were 2018 releases. This year I came across the music of Jane Weaver – for me one of the 2018 discoveries I most enjoyed but not all of it is 2018 music. And now heading over to

    1. I discovered Jane Weaver too, and as I remember, because you posted something about her. You see how music is spreading 🙂 I have the Architect on Vinyl, but it is from 2017, therefore I could not include it here. But I recognised, that she has published a new album in 2018.

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