Why you should do more cover songs … and how you can publish them legally

5 thoughts on “Why you should do more cover songs … and how you can publish them legally”

  1. I love playing cover songs and they learn you things even when it comes down to writing your own songs. Though I have to confess I would never record a cover song and attempt to sell it. So for me I would not even bother spending that type of money on a licence to do such a thing.

    No doubt covers will attract attention but I am not sure they will help you sell more music at the end of the day, and it’s very rare I would buy a cover of a song especially when only about 1% if that have done it better than the original.

    Most of the cover songs I have are found on albums of artists who like to include cover songs on them. Though I certainly would not go out of my way to buy a single release of a cover song regardless of how good they did it.

    When you weigh up the fact that most unknown artists struggle to sell even one record. I would say even say the so called low price of a licence you are paying here just to put out one cover song is not worth doing at all, and you may as well ignore the licence and put it out for free.

    The only way you can possibly get done for doing a cover song is if it creates a stir, and to do that it’s gonna have to be selling by the bucket load. Making lots of money from other peoples music is always gonna kick up a fuss, where as if you do not make a cent you have nothing to worry about.

    1. I will do a few covers to check a new production method basing on samples. If it works well it could become a new approach for the next album of heartscore. If I am not satisfied with the results, I will think over other things to improve.

  2. Interesting reading. Apart from the legal and economic side of covering songs – what is your opinion on “Alter the melody line” – how far can you go before it becomes another song altogether? I like Money (that’s what I want) by The Beatles and also The Flying Lizards – https://youtu.be/W25_jgiY51I alot: totally different, but still a cover.

    1. I did not know this cover, but I think it’s brilliant. Regarding how far you can alter the original melody I would say as long as people can still recognise that they are listening to a cover it’s fine with me.

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