Review: Toontrack EZ Mix 2

5 thoughts on “Review: Toontrack EZ Mix 2”

  1. Nice one, Heartscore! I have used EZ Drummer from Toontrack, I like it and I can imagine how this would offer the same sort of easy to use solution. 🙂

    1. Indeed, I have also used EZ Drummer and other Drum-Plugins, but meanwhile I think, if you use something electronic it should also sound electronic, so I started to use drum box-sounds.

  2. A very good well detailed review of EZ Drummer and its ability to do mixing and mastering too Dirk. I think EZ Drummer is used by a lot of people and along with Toontrack it offers a full range of different drum kits that sound highly professional and like the real thing.

    I am not so sure if any of these techno geeks and those who make their own beats would use it though, but then again I am not into that line of music they make, and for me the most important thing about any drum software or drum machine for that matter, is that it sounds like a real drum kit. And not something else like a Roland TR808 and so on used widely in electronic music.

    Those are fine for that type of music and even Tangerine Dream used them years ago. Though I will say they also got a lot more out them than just your general hand claps and the synthetic sounds they have in them, and made them sound more like real drums. But they was never as real as the drum machines Yamaha made back then, or Toontracks EZ Drummer on that score.

    As for using it to mix your final track and the idea of mastering the final track within the actual mixing process. To be honest I am not sure that is the correct way to go about things, and that is most unusual and in reality offers you nothing at the end of the day regarding the mastering side of things. In general no mix is the finished product and it only gets a real polish at the final stage which is the mastering stage.

    The two tracks you have as examples do sound very good in the way that you have mastered and mixed them this way with EZ Mix. Though no way on this earth would any professional studio engineer do it that way or even use EZ to do such a thing with for that matter.

    But like I said those mixes do sound great and I have always liked your production skills anyway on that score. So EZ Software seems to be working for you, for both the drum programming and the mixing side of things. Though I dare say most people would use it for the drums more than anything else.

    Very well enjoyed that review Dirk and found it very interesting how you are working with EZ 2 and the fact that you are happy with it. So it’s not really worth changing it for something else, especially if at the end of the day it’s gonna be more time consuming and result in things taking that much longer to get done.

    1. The EZ Mix line is not a part of EZ Drummer, is an independent product of Toontrack and there is (sadly) no EZ Drummer included. Regarding programmed acoustic drums you know, that I used this method a lot in the past and I still think it sounds solid as long as you are not comparing it to a real drummer. When I worked with the real drummer on the remakes of the “Many directions”-songs I realized, that a real drummer has much more authority in a mix than programmed drums (or I can still not mix the sampled drums). This experience was one reason to drop programmed acoustic drums and to try electronic drum box-sounds. Actually I think if you use programmed drums it’s better to sound electronic, than to sound worse compared to a real drummer.

      1. I agree you cannot beat a real drummer. But Toontrack’s Drummer is also used by real drummers and that’s how bang on the sound of those drum kits sound they have sampled. In my opinion I do not think there is a better sounding software for drums than Toontrack it sounds exactly like the real thing even down to the acoustic drum kits they have.

        Even Bill Bruford uses Toontrack for his electric drum pads they are the bees knees. These days you can go out buy an electric drum kit with pads that even Roland make and use Toontrack’s software for the drums and they sound a thousand times better than any Roland TR808 :)))))) and a thousand times more realistic. You can also use this software to program drums with. I personally think it cannot be beaten.

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