Artwork and publication concept for the next album

3 thoughts on “Artwork and publication concept for the next album”

  1. Well you certainly have this new release all planned out Dirk and I hate to think of all the cost this will come too. I am so glad you decided to opt out of the 200 Euro Toner and a new printer otherwise the cost of this new album will be shooting right out of the roof and into space :))))))))).

    I think having another chap to do the artwork is a good idea and I do hope the CD will have some artwork on and not just be a blank canvas. An hardback book as well. Blimey you are going the whole hog on this release by the sounds of it all.

    I think having a later release date is also a good thing and spreading it about for a couple of months may attract more interest.

    A lot of the new stuff I buy off Amazon these days I always pre-order well in advance. But there is a difference with how Amazon’s pre-orders work in relation to pre-ordering an item from other places. Websites in particular, I could not say how Bandcamp work with pre-orders because I do not tend to pre-order from that site.

    Amazon do not take the money off you till the week and the day they actually dispatch the item to you. This I like a lot and basically it means that if I see any new release coming out in a month or a few months time, I can simply pre-order it and know I have it all in hand without having to find the money till the time comes when it gets released

    This way I get to pre-order a lot of new releases and I basically keep my eye on what money I need to have in my bank account on the week they get released.

    You cannot do this with a lot of places and most items I pre-order from the artists websites they generally take the money there and then or in a few days time.

    The other advantage with the way Amazon go about pre-orders is the fact that say I have about 2 to 4 releases all coming out on the same week or day. I can always cancel some of them, in case I cannot afford to pay for them all that week. So this way I do not get in a mess.

    Of course paying for a pre-order straight away means you have not got to find the money later on, and it’s all in hand. I still do that for certain items from artists websites.

    But half the time I see so many new releases coming out in the future, that there would be no way I could pre-order them all if I had to pay for them there and then :))))).

    Right now I have things pre-ordered for May. June and July. Some items a lot more expensive than others. But I always keep check on the dates and what I can afford on the weeks they are coming out.

    Another great blog Dirk and looking forward to this release even more so now to see what it’s gonna cost me :)))))))).

    1. I read the terms of band camp about pre-orders and as far as I understand it they will charge you immediately. As soon as the artist has released his/her item it will be shipped. So the way Amazon is doing this seems to be more customer-friendly. On band camp you can set up a few complete tracks as a teaser, which the customer can download immediately and pre-listen to it to get an impression. In the moment, when the album is published the customer can download the rest of the album. Of course this is not possible with physical items, but most bands today will give you also the digital album with a download-code, when you have bought a CD, or Cassette. There is still a lot of work and organization left before I am done with this release, but I am on a good way and know already, how it should sound and look at the end. Actually I am remixing all earlier songs, because the electronic drums were too weak in the mix. I don’t believe, that I can finish all tasks before June or July, so a possible release date could be somewhen in the autumn.

      1. I was actually thinking about this post of yours when I was writing my review for . Fernando Perdomo’s album Out At Sea. I think having somebody else do the artwork is a very good idea and this guy actually got the same artist who did the album covers for the early Genesis and Van der Graaf Generator albums back in the 70’s.

        I have no idea how much an artist like that charges but it cannot be cheap. And to be honest I would of thought Fernando Perdomo would be losing money by hiring such an artist to do such a thing. But his album seems to be selling OK.

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