Why I will publish my next album on audio cassette

10 thoughts on “Why I will publish my next album on audio cassette”

  1. A very interesting article Dirk but I fail to see how Cassettes are making a comeback in my country. For starters you could not even walk into an HiFi shop and buy a brand new cassette deck. I think only a couple of companies if that actually still make them. Though they are not by any means popular enough for an HiFi shop over here to stock them. It would be like waiting for the end before they actually sold one.
    You’ve certainly got your wires crossed regarding vinyl. Vinyl costs more than 3 times the price it cost years ago. We both even looked at how much it cost to have your own album put on a vinyl record.
    The CD without a doubt is to blame for copying music but I could say exactly the same thing regarding Cassettes as well. So your so called Cassette is not entirely blame free either on that score.
    Buying a 2nd hand Cassette Deck is a big risk, even with trying to find an engineer to get the parts and fix it, and an older engineer who knows what he’s doing with old technology.
    Cassettes have only come back because little kids are fascinated of what they actually are, and them thinking where does this go. It’s got nothing to do with people taking them seriously at all and most young folks are only interested in digital downloads so that they can store them on them on their phones.
    Has for you thinking that the cassette is a good choice because people will listen to the whole of the album rather than skip tracks. For years before cassettes players went of fashion. All cassette decks and walkmans had a skip function and a search on them. You could simply hit a button and it would go to the next track, or even skip as many tracks as you like by punching in a number. Most recordings have a 4 second gap between tracks.

    1. I could not remember on the skip-function of cassette-recorders, so thank you for reminding me. But I think, that skipping through tracks on a CD-Player is still more comfortable. I am myself curious about this new trend. And if I sell out 25 cassettes I will eat my hat …

    1. It’s a topic, which has interested me for a long time, so I was well prepared. In your case it’s even more interesting, because you can sell at gigs. You could ask your audience the next time, how many would buy one

  2. if it would be the only channel / that would be a bummer )imho’ and something like connaisseur music for the truely initiated. But as one of the options, I would certainly consider cassettes.

    1. Thank you, Kathy, I think it could also be interesting for yourself, because you are a live-musician. But I have no idea, if cassette is accepted in the Rockabilly-scene

  3. ” unloving packed CDs in Jewel cases” – off course that is not what we need… we need cases packed with love. I recently bought via bandcamp a CD from Chloë March after hearing her music in BBC6. Somehow the music (dreampop, ethereal ambientish well sung pop) made me interested also in the physical package.It was not to expensive…
    The materials used, signing of the accompanying package note – it makes it more personal and tangible.

    “The simple reason for this catastrophe was the decision to make music digitally available”

    Was it a catastrophe? and was it a decision? In hindsight with the advent of internet, the digitization of music (as many other things) seems to be inevitable and omni-present… but it als happened to all of us, and it has good & bad sides – just like developments in the analogue realm.
    Napster is nomore, and different platforms luike Hearthis.at, Soundcloud, Spotify do different things with the audio quality. So the musical ecosystem seems to be getting more varied these days.

    “recognize a cassette-revival”
    I checked the Netherlands – http://www.debandjesfabriek.nl/ started in 2017, and it is reportedly the only cassette producer in the Benelux. Their twitter stream mentions some acts that have put out cassettes – https://twitter.com/bandjesfabriek
    it looks to be for connaiseurs… indeed a niche of sorts.

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