Building a guitar: Day seventeen

2 thoughts on “Building a guitar: Day seventeen”

  1. Well only you could of thought of using Lego for the marker dots on the side (LOL) I am just glad you never built the whole guitar out of it :)))))))). The more I look at doing a guitar build myself by watching your build tells me to forget even trying it. Those frets looks like hard work, and to think you are even doing this build and may not even be using the guitar afterwards will be a bit of a shame. Especially after all you have put into making it. Regarding the sanding and the polishing you really need a proper sanding wheel fixed to a bench and a polishing buffer as well. That’s really the only way you will perhaps achieve a more professional job. Looking forward to see how far you get tomorrow Dirk and see if you can even get to play it…

    1. I would be happy, if it can play properly and would forgo a perfect finish and look. At last an instrument should sound well and be comfortable. The comfort of playing is very much caused by the condition of the frets and the fretboard and a luthier has a lot of experience to set up a guitar perfectly. We will see what happens tomorrow. If I would give up on the fret leveling I would consider to go to a professional for the fret-job to make it playable, but until now I am not giving up.

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