4 thoughts on “Building a guitar: Day fifteen”

  1. A very neat job with the Steps and will you be making the cover plates out of the wood. You certainly need some tools to drill those holes from one point to the other for the wiring and all is done so well too. I like the Logo too and the white suits it a lot with the choice of Blue for the Headstock and Body.

    I like the inserts to house the Neck Screws too and your not far away from completion now Dirk and this is really great considering you have never done something like this before.

    1. I would like to make the cover plates of maple like the neck. I also consider to leave them natural. Though I could finish a lot today there is still something to do. The frets are prepared, but not glued in, the saddle is still missing and. I also fear, that I will have to do a fretjob, what means filing and recrowning all frets. But I still hope, that it will work without. However you will soon see the complete guitar, the neck attached to the body.

  2. Love the Rad-O-Caster Rough & Ready Logo and concept. Amazing….. Cannot believe all of the Labor of Love you’ve put into this project, Dirk. Cannot wait to hear the finished product, too! Congrats. Love that you’re so kind in sharing your Adventure here on RGP, My Friend. Thanks!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Hess! I thought sometimes, that I post too often on RGP, so it’s nice to hear, that daily posts are welcome. I am also quite curious, if the guitar will be playable at last and if I can achieve the comfort-level of a factory-made guitar

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