To Tune Down Or Not To Tune Down

2 thoughts on “To Tune Down Or Not To Tune Down”

  1. I found that most interesting Dirk. The comparison between the Violin player and the Bass player was very good and no doubt the more higher notes from the violin was the best without a doubt. Both extremely great players though I have to say.

    No doubt Black Sabbath’s metal sound was always slow but that is what made them so different from everybody else at the time and it was well effective too.

    I see what you mean about there is no need to buy another guitar with more that 6 strings on and even the “Drop D” on a 6 string guitar is still quite effective for Metal. Though to go lower most will buy a 7 or 8 string guitar for playing Metal.

    That Drop Pedal is very good and I have seen it reviewed by Henning Pauly in the past he also does not see the need for an 8 string guitar himself for playing Metal though he does have a 7 string guitar and he can also play Metal very well.

    Regarding the Transpose button on the Kemper it works the same way for a midi keyboard or VST pluggins shifting the notes via half a semitone in each direction up and down the scale. No doubt it works but there is something about this particular method that does not regarding watching any well known Metal Guitarists.

    I find that this way on the Kemper very much takes a lot of the technique of playing Metal away, simply because the guitarist can play the way he normally does on the guitar to produce the lower range sound. Metal players have great technique with the plectrum on their right hand and it’s far from easy to play it the way they do too. It’s an art in a way and something that is also good to see. So to are 7 and 8 string guitars even if they are not needed. They still make a good attraction to the audience I feel, and I dare say even the guitarist gets a buzz out of having such a thing too.

    I loved Schubart’s theory about how the chord progression decides the feel of music one wants to play and it’s very well detailed too. I also gave “In A Lonely Place” another blast here too whilst I was hear and the Transpose from the Kemper works very well indeed on it and no doubt it’s the best Metal track you have done I think so far.

    Excellent very well detailed blog-post here Dirk and an excellent Theory….

    1. I agree 7 and 8 strings can be attractive for the audience and there is also a public pressure within this genre to use them. Just imagine a Metal-player would enter the stage with a Gretsch, or a Country-player would pack out a Jackson Soloist

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