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9 thoughts on “Submithub experience”

    1. Thank you, Brian, I am already thinking about how to become more contemporary. There are two modern genres, which I love, Modern Metal a la Meshuggah and also some kinds of Techno, and I will try to blend them with my own trademarks. The Submithub-experience has boosted my motivation.

  1. I just found your article on DuckDuckGo. Well, I’m a non commercial, quite conceptual, electronic music producer. Not very experienced, from 2 years from now. I just released my first album independently digitally and in vinyl. Just instrumentals electronic, drums and synths. I tried 15 dollars and I got 100% of disapproval as well. This article made me feel calmer, probably it’s not a very good platform as it seems. It is very hard to discuss our music with others, especially when we are influenced by prog rock or simillar avant-garde stuff. Let’s keep with the good work and don’t get discouraged. Best!

    1. Thank you for the interest and the comment, Lucas. I have also the impression, that most blogs there are not looking for niche-music. However it was interesting to get feedback from many different “professionals” at once. I think over to try it again with more commercial songs (I have a few). If you are creating music with passion, nobody is able discourage you 🙂

  2. SoundCloud confirmed that the label(Universal Music Group) has made an official decision to block its artists and subsidiary labels from using the platform….
    Submithub is a scam , dont give youre money to these bunch of losers.

    1. Do you mean UMG has blocked its artists to use Soundcloud or Submithub? I am not sure, if Submithub is a scam, but definitely they make money with the hopes of emerging artists

  3. Hi, SubmitHub founder here. Not a scam. It’s just a tool for blogs to filter their submissions.

    UMG didn’t just block us — they blocked 99% of the SoundCloud API partners. Only ~5 sites still have access to their catalog (including Pitchfork, Hypem and Indie Shuffle). When specific access for SubmitHub was requested, they declined.

    SubmitHub works well for some artists, and doesn’t for others. Receiving rejection after rejection can be disheartening — @heartscore I think the approach you took to analyzing and learning from it is really cool.

    Anywho, I think the main thing to keep in mind is that the bloggers on the other side 1) don’t necessarily have a music background; 2) are real people; 3) are making a subjective decision (opinion). They’re getting nearly 100 submissions a day, and can only choose to blog 3-5 of those. That means if 50 of those 100 submissions are actually decent, they still need to say no to the vast majority of them.

    I think it’s easy to forget how many other artists are submitting music to these guys. Right now it’s ~7,000 a day on SubmitHub, and I’m confident that’s only a fraction of the music out there right now. That’s a lot of music for these guys to sift through, and when they’re only able to say yes to about 10% of it, that means there are a lot of “nos.”

    1. Good points, Jason, I also think, that submithub is a serious offering, but if the conversion rate is that low you will produce more unhappy than happy customers. Of course the artists expect more, when they pay something. The only way to achieve a higher success-rate could be to narrow down the submissions. If a blogger receives just 50 submissions a day the percentage of successful placements would get higher. You could pre-filter the submissions to get a smaller amount. For an example instead of allowing Soundcloud and Youtube you could just allow songs, which are available on Itunes, CD Baby or Spotify. So you would set the bar higher.

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